We are a strictly not-for-profit organisation, and have worked hard with sponsors to offer the below price given the cost of consumable equipment you will use which costs in excess of £1,000 per individual.

If we secure any more sponsorship for the event, we will refund you what we can to ensure the workshop is as affordable as possible.

The price of £300 includes the following:

  1. Attendance at the workshop with detailed individual feedback regarding your performance
  2. A certificate of your attendance for your portfolio
  3. Opportunity to network with neurosurgery consultants and registrars

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Places will be offered following an application process involving short answer questions and your CV. The deadline for applications is 10th September 2017. Offers will be made in late September, with a payment deadline of 30th September 2017.

Your place will not be fully secured until payment is confirmed. Following cancellation of a confirmed place, the first person on the waiting list will be offered the place for 48 hours. After such time, the offer will expire and be offered to the second person on the waiting list.